The Artful Bodgers are an artist duo from Brighton, UK consisting of AB1 (Matt Whistler) and AB2 (Archi Ram), who are on a mission to digitally transform the world.

This website displays a selection of bodged artworks created by The Artful Bodgers which are available as Limited Edition prints.

So far the artists have ‘bodged’ in Brighton, Shoreham and London but have plans to bodge the world.

It seems that no subject or place is deemed off limits in terms of artistic ‘bodrification’ – from Shoreham Harbour in Sussex to No.10 Downing Street in London.

Their process of bodging is called ‘bodgrification’ – this involves them digitally transmitting any form of visual content to each other and the receiver artistically changing it, without any creative restriction before transmitting it back to the sender. The visual material can be still or moving images.

The ‘Artful Bodgers’ are modern day pen pals who embrace and encourage mutual artistic admiration through digital global exchange.

Artwork above is based on a photograph of a biscuit box sent by AB1 to AB2.

This website was first published at 22.22 on 22/02/18