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‘Bodgers vs Transformers’ – The Artful Bodgers

The Artful Bodgers’ Tour of LA – Bodgers vs Transformers (Rodimus Prime destroys a Masterpiece)

AB1 (Rodimus Prime AKA Hot Rod) “The future of the Bodgers is in your hands – I think not.”

AB2 (Starscream) “I was tricked! The Triple Changers! They told me it was a power station!”

Giclee print – 59cm × 74cm on 220gsm photo grade paper

Image size 49cm x 64cm

Signed limited edition of 100

Includes COA (Certificate of Authenticity)

Print only – frame not included

CC BY-SA 2.0: The Artful Bodgers – Matt Whistler + Archi Ram / Dominic Alves / Monkeytime | Brachiator / Marco Sit – distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license

'Bodgers vs Transformers' - The Artful Bodgers
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