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‘Out of Gamut’ – The Artful Bodgers

AB1 tests Bodgers’ new Out of Gamut Gun

Have you ever been caught out of gamut and need to rush to the corner photoshop?

Most gamut guns have little effect on super mutants, ghouls, and other mutated creatures that plague Western Road, Hove.

To their credit, The Artful Bodgers’ new Out of Gamut Gun can modify the gamut of most such entities by launching a small blast of pixels that explode on impact. Upon a direct hit, the target takes a significant dose of pixel poisoning (at least a 10% loss in saturation).

Available soon from all branches of the Co-Op in a range of CMYK colours.

Giclee print – 59cm × 79cm on 220 gsm photo grade paper

Image size 49cm x 69cm

Signed limited edition of 100

Includes COA (Certificate of Authenticity)

Print only – frame not included

© Copyright All Rights Reserved 2018 – The Artful Bodgers – Archi Ram + Matt Whistler

'Out of Gamut' - The Artful Bodgers
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